Featured for May is the lovely
Floral Chic

What I particlulary loved about Floral Chic were Amy’s styling and the uniqueness of her gorgeous illustrations. Here’s a lady with tons of products to share with us. When I was hunting for a feature for May, I was immediately drawn to Amy’s creatures and the unique style she uses. I hope you will love Floral Chic as much as I do, be sure to check out Amy’s links and show her some love!

 I am currently studying a design degree, I create mixed media illustrations which i then make into tote bags or jewellery.

I start by creating my drawings by using watercolours, collage anything that works with my drawings. i like to play around with different medias.
I then print them on to transfer paper to iron onto canvas tote bags. Or i print them onto shrink paper which makes my drawings small enough to make into jewellery.

 I love going out for walks or drives around my town it frees me up and helps my inspiration flow. I love flicking through fashion magazines and seeing latest trends. But i also like creating things that are different so i look at old children’s books.

I just recently started making jewellery which am really getting into at the moment. Which has to be my favourite item at the moment. It always changes though i can never make my mind up 🙂

You can find me on
My website – amyfrances-illustration.biz/
Tumblr – amyfrances–illustration.tumblr.com/
Pinterest – pinterest.com/amyfrancesxx/
Etsy shop – www.etsy.com/shop/Floralchic


Featured for April are the fabulous twosome
Vivid Please

I recently discovered the fabulous people that are Vivid Please from Edinburgh. Vivid are a lovely twosome of designers that create wonderful items in a quirky, ‘geek chic’ style, frankly, I’m hooked already! Be sure to check out Vivid’s Giveaway where you will have the chance to win an array of fabulous items! Read on to find out how to enter at the end of this post! I asked Vivid some questions about their shop and here’s what they had to say.
Hello Sailor A4 Graphic Print: Hand Illustrated Anchor & Typography
We are Vivid, an art and design duo living in Edinburgh, Scotland. We spend our time creating curiosities; things we would love to have in our lives but never seem to be able to get our hands on.

We started working together on our blog www.vividplease.me and making things for our Etsy shop when we realised there was a gap in our lives for quirky things that are a little bit different. A cross between geek chic and hipster trendy with a cheeky little double entendre on the side. We know that doesn’t sound like a real sentence, but we promise you it is! We have always stuck out a bit and people seem to like our taste for oddities so it seemed to make sense to make a go of it and see how things turned out. So far so good!
We realised quite quickly that we would never be able to concentrate on just one thing. Most people focus their specialty in the world of Etsy, but the idea of only making one thing really stumped us. We knew that the commonality of our work would be the concepts rather than the product roll, which in a way means more promotional work but we don’t mind as we love what we do!

We are obsessed with stationery so we naturally started making cards, note pads and engraved pencils with phrases like Yeah, Write written on them. We then added to our collection with illustrated prints and retro styled photographs; the kind that we love to have around our house but you tend to struggle to find on the high street. We have also produced a line of bags and have just started to create accessories too. We are all about the small things in life, so our collection tends to be the little things which fit into our lifestyle really easy and create an impact to those living outside our bubble.

The inspiration for our work comes from our general lives, banter from our friends and a good rummage at a car boot sale. We often sit in coffee shops day dreaming; our ideas tend to come more easily when we are relaxed and having fun, which is a very important element of what we do. We are also big on collecting silly things, so a lot of inspiration comes from the characters and items that we find. We love nothing more than to watch crap tv and rock out to Elton John … you just can’t beat ‘Benny And The Jets’!

You can take a peek into our world at www.vividplease.me and check out what we make at etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Vividplease). We are also on twitter (@vividplease) and on pinterest (http://pinterest.com/vividplease/).

So there you have it! I think you’ll agree that Vivid have a whole array of visual delights to enjoy! Who doesn’t need a ‘yeah write’ pencil in their lives?!

If you like what you see, don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to win a whole bunch of Vivid Please goodies! The image below shows the collection of items that are up for grabs! Click here! to be taken to Vivid’s blog where you can find out about the giveaway competition! Good Luck everyone 🙂


Featured for March are the lovely ladies of

Colorful Culture

” Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”
-Camille Pissarro

This quote is so true of Laura Gomez and her younger sister Karina who create fantastically colourful and unique handmade art, jewellery and accessories. These ladies not only make amazing objects, but they do it for a very special reason; to raise money to help the lost and hungry alley cats of Chicago. As a big animal lover myself I was astounded to hear the story of these wonderful people.
Here’s what Laura has to say about her cause.


“I am form Chihuahua, Mexico and currently living in Chicago with my beloved little sister and five alley cats. We work for non profit organizations and in order to be able to help alley cats we need an extra income.

My sis and I feed them, make little houses for them from plastic containers and neuter them so that they do not keep repruducing making the problem bigger by giving birth to more little angels that end up suffering in the streets. Chicago has a very extreme weather even for those fortunate enough to live in a weather protected home. So, we use our talent to keep up with the extra expenses that we have for the joy of helping the stray cats. Some of them stay, some of them leave, it does not matter, they know that they are always welcome and will always find food, water, love and friends in our little backyard.”

Want to check out Colorful Culture’s shop? Click here
Why not become friends on facebook? Click here


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