How to make a Dreamcatcher

We’re hoping to make these at school soon with the kids so I thought I ought to get some practice in, and what better way than to share with you? I was pretty pleased with the result, the great thing about these is that they are totally cusomisable and you can achieve completely different effects each time by using slightly different materials. Give it a go! 🙂 It’s not as hard as it seems

You will need:

1 x Dream catcher hoop
(you can buy these from Ebay, or equally good is a bangle or bend your own shape using gardening wire)

A long strip of ribbon or fabric (between 1/2 a metre and a metre depending how big your hoop is. You need enough to completely cover the hoop, if in doubt, use to much 🙂

1 – 2.5 metres of waxed cord (easy to buy on ebay or etsy)

Small beads that will thread onto your cord (optional)

Larger beads, feathers, coloured paper, fabric scraps to decorate


  1. Start by glueing the end of your fabric or ribbon onto your hoop. Do this by putting a little glue on the end of your fabric strip and bending over the hoop. Leave for a few moments to dry.DSCN4591
  2. Begin wrapping your fabric strip around your hoop pulling taught as you do so. Continue untill you have covered the entire hoop. Tip! If you misjudged the amount of fabric and have run out before the end of your hoop, just  attatch another strip by glueing the end of the new strip to the old one.


3. Continue wrapping untill you have completely covered the hoop.When you reach the end, make a loop around your finger and tie in a knot or two to secure.


DSCN4595 DSCN4600

4.  Tie your waxed cord onto the top of your hoop near the loop you have just made. Trim off the loose end and put a blob of glue over the knot to prevent it coming undone.


5. If you’re using small beads, thread one onto your length of cord. Now stretch your cord across the hoop in a straight line approximately 2 inches away from your knot (if you’re using a bangle or a smal hoop, about an inch away is a good measurement. Wrap the cord over the top of the hoop and pull back through the loop you made with the cord. Pull tightly.



6. Continue doing this motion until you reach your original position at the top of the hoop by wrapping all the way around. Each time you make a new loop, thread on a bead (if using) and then continue the wrapping motion.



7. Continue the wrapping motion you did around the edge of the hoop but now stretch the cord across the hoop over to the line of cord you have just wrapped. Wrap the cord over the first stretched line, try to get it in the middle. Bring the cord back through the loop and pull taught. Continue doing this until the dreamcatcher hoop is quite full. It is traditional to leave a small hole in the middle for the good dreams to pass through while the bad dreams are caught in the web.




8. Tie a knot to finish and secure. Now begin decorating by attatching beads, charms and feathers to the long length of cord you have left hanging down. You can also tie extra cord to the bottom of the hoop for extra decoration. You can make beautiful leaves from coloured paper and glitter, you can really experiment on this part.

I used beads in matching colours to the multicoloured fabric I used, attatched a feather by wrapping around the cord round the top and glued on a bow made in matching fabric.




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