Treats for thirty somethings

So here’s a few little cheeky birthday treats for our lovely lasses at thirty, but to be quite honest, at twenty something I would happily take this lot into my home. Be sure to check out where you can buy these beauties below.


As much fun as two fifteen year olds card:       BS andRS – £3.99
Aztec feather earrings:       Love Sexton – £13.17
Bird Postcard print:       Lily Moon – £11.97
Butterfly Edible cake toppers:       IncrEDIBLE toppers – £6.62 for 24
30 Greetings Card:      Natalie Navigation – £2.00
Real flower Resin Bracelet:      Spotted Dog – £29.26
Ceramic Bowl:       Damson Tree Pottery – £25.00
Cupcake Candles:      Koko Candles – £14.63
Ceramic Gift Tag:      Lindsay Drake Handmade – £2.66
Birthday candle gift Tags:      Aubrey Lane – £3.32
Birthday Cake scent:      Suzie Qs Bath and Body – £3.99


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