The Giveaway competition winner is revealed……

Hey there everyone!

Throughout the month of May I was excited to organise a fab giveaway competition which brought together eight Etsy craftspeople and shopkeepers to give away some fantastic handmade goodies.


We had some fantastic entrees and some extremely creative answers to the question…which was…

‘What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?’

I’m very pleased to announce the winner with an outstandingly original entry is….



I thought i’d share Kimberly’s entry with you all as it’s so creative and I was super impressed! Take a little peek at this…

What I like to do,
when I’m trying my best to avoid the flu
and a wet shoe or two
depends on my mood
but would usually include
music and glue.
Whether it be blasting music as loud as it can go (to mute the splish-splatter),
or keeping it down low (to embrace the pitter-patter),
you’ll find me working on a scrapbook, photo book
or even a new make-up look creation
When it rains, my brain’s inspired, I am limited only by my imagination.

Great, don’tcha think? I love it. So Congrats to Kimberly who will recieve nine fantastically original and beautiful handmade objects from the some wonderful Etsy sellers.
Many thanks to Neue Graphic, Sweet Bee Honey and Crafts, Vivid Please, The Hanging Badger, Cheeky Baby, Mummy I Want a Dinosaur and CJW Design Village for taking part, It’s been a pleasure and I could not have done it without you!


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