Floral chic and freebie fun for May! (ending soon!)

Hey there everyone, how are you?

Just a quickie to remind you that if you haven’t already checked out our lovely giveaway competition where you have the chance to win NINE wonderful items for FREE! you are very much missing out! click over here quick! There’s only 7 days untill the competition closes and I know you would hate to miss out on this opportunity of winning these fab items.

Also the lovely lady Floral Chic was featured for May as her wonderful hand illustrated tote bags and jewellery just wowed me! If you haven’t already taken a peek she’s right over here , i’m sure she would very much apprecitate your support. Why not check out her links while you’re there. There’s also some lovely featured artists on that page from March and April who are worth taking a look at.

Happy Sunny Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Floral chic and freebie fun for May! (ending soon!)

    • Hi there thanks for your comment. What a great idea I will definitely get my thinking cap on for 30th birthday ideas, it’s actually my sister’s 30th Birthday this year so that could be useful!

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