Drum roll please….and the winner is…..

Today I am announcing the winner of the Earrings giveaway competition!
Thankyou so much to everyone who took the time to share with us the fantastic outfits they would wear these earrings with.

It was a very difficult decision as I loved the sound of many of the outfits you guys suggested…so difficult infact that I decided on a runner up! But I’ve decided that the winner of the earrings is….

Doris Chan!

“I would match the earrings with a vintage white Lacey shirt that has short sleeves and a high collar. On the bottom, I would wear long, flowy and slightly ruffled skirt the color of the darker purple bead on the earrings. I would also wear a bracelet with alternating dark purple and cream colored beads to match the earrings”

Sounds great to me Doris, Congratulations! I loved the thought and detail that went into your entry, I really hope you enjoy wearing them!
You will recieve your earrings in a handmade and recycled giftbox made by Listiques
I also really loved the sound of another entry as it made me think of warm summer days! So I have decided to offer a very special runner up prize to….


“Love the earrings! I think the purple could be set off nicely with a funky orange halter neck top, denim shorts and a pair of wedges. Here’s hoping for some warm weather ;0)”

As the lucky runner up you will recieve a handmade button pin brooch or bag charm, I really hope you like it! I’ve used the purple hints from the earrings as my inspiration.

You will also recieve your button pin brooch in a handmade recycled giftbox made by Listiques
A big thankyou again to everyone who entered. Keep your eyes open here for more giveaway competitions!

In the meantime if you would like to know more about Listiques, be it giftboxes or otherwise, give a little click overe here…

                                                  Recycled Handmade Giftboxes

                                        Listiques Handmade Recycled Jewellery


3 thoughts on “Drum roll please….and the winner is…..

  1. I wake up this morning and the first thing I see is this! It definitely made my entire day!!! I am so excited right now! These earrings are the cutest thing ever! And congratulations to Wendy! 🙂 Thank you so much Listiques (Lisa)! 🙂

  2. You’re so welcome Doris 🙂 I was really impressed with the detail you went into with your outfit. I’m glad the earrings are going to a home where someone is so excited to own them! 🙂

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