How To Make Pom Pom creatures

These crafty critters are a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon! Pom poms, though so simple to do, have great scope in becoming any creature you could wish for with a little imagination. Experiement with using cardboard, felt, pipe cleaners and foam to make ears, noses, mouths, legs, whiskers and beaks. Why not make yours a diva by glueing on glitter, plastic crystals and sequins? Give them a hat, long hair, crazy pipe cleaner legs, googly eyes and wire whiskers?

 To print this handy sheet, simply click on the image below. The image will open in a new window (click file, then print). 
 Alternatively make your own template by drawing around anything circular (a mug works great with a gluestick or bottle top for the inner circle).  Templates work best when drawn onto cardboard, cereal boxes or scrap cardboard work great.

I hope you enjoy experiementing with these easter creatures.

Step by Step guides copyright Lisa Donaldson @ Listiques


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