How to Make Simple Wire Earrings for Mothers Day

I was browsing Etsy for some wonderful unique handmade gift ideas to give to my lovely mum on 18th March. (Here’s the chosen item! Freshwater pearl ring by Modern Designs by VKG)

I was inspired to start my first “How to Make…” page which is simple wire earrings. These are a great start if you are new to jewellery making or working with wire as they are very quick and simple to make. Why not give it a go for your mum this year? Or alternatively, a birthday gift? Follow this step by step guide with photos to help you on your way to being a Jewellery making master 🙂 All the things you need to make these can be easily bought very cheaply from Ebay, Etsy or your local craft store.

“How to Make Simple Wire Earrings”

You need:
2 x Earring hooks
Some beads
Fine beading wire
1 x Fastening Pole (optional)
Pliers (optional)

Start with a larger bead in the centre, you will work outwards around this. An oval shaped bead would work really well.

1) Thread a long piece of wire through the centre bead; this will form the ring of beads around the outside.

2) Adjust the wire so that you have a long piece coming out of the top of the bead, with a small piece coming out of the bottom of the bead.

3) Thread beads onto the long piece of wire coming out of the top of the bead. Measure how many beads you need by laying it up against the central bead.

4) When you reach the bottom, twist the long wire two or three times around the small piece of wire at the bottom.  

5) Your small piece of wire should sit on the left, the long piece on the right.

6) Now thread beads again onto the long piece of wire until you reach the top.

7) Tuck the wire under the beaded section at the top and wrap around a few times to secure.

8) Now take your earring hook and push the wire through the hole in the hook, wrap around underneath and through the hook several times. You will be left with a slightly messy long loop. Wrap the wire neatly and tightly around this length of wire to finish. Trim if there is any excess. If you are finishing your earrings here, also trim the bottom length of wire.

9) If you wish, thread a droplet type bead onto the fastening pole and bend over the top to make a closed loop with pliers. With the remaining small piece of wire at the bottom of the earring thread through the loop you have made and wrap around to secure.



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